Monday, 28 February 2011

Bricks and marbles

So summer came for two days, but I was preparing for rain and greyness. Gr. Although I was very comfortable in this - must need to invest in more boys' tops which look particularly oversized when thrown over a slim fitting long sleeve and a tight waist. And now winter's back, so all my light mystic dreams are over for a while.

Wearing a top and coat from H&M, mens rugby shirt from India, skirt from USA Pro, self-made necklace and ring, bag from Christmas markets and Rocketdog shoes but I don't think you can see them, oops. :)

PS. Will reply to comments later. I do read them all and will reply, even if it takes a few days! :)

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Somerset House

Number one, I love this building. Number two, I went to London yesterday with one of my best friends to the London Fashion Weekend (one day I hope to go to the Week) which only fueled my passion to become a designer. Also had a great people-watching sesh, which is definately the best way to chander (chill + wander).

Had absolutely no clue what to wear, this was thrown on at some ridiculous time in the morning to be "weather appropriate" - something I am awful at. Skirt, shorts and coat from H&M; vintage shirt; socks, shoes, rings and earrings from Topshop, self-made necklace.

Also, I promised more pictures of my beautiful shoes.. even if I did almost leave them on the tube.. :)

Friday, 25 February 2011

Blue Sway

Feel like I've been wearing a lot of denim recently, even though I haven't really. But I do have lots and lots of blue things. Top from H&M, jacket made by my mother and sweatpants probably from H&M. Here's a green ribbon to spice things up a little. :)

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Blocking In

Feelin' proper summereh wiv' some brights, even though it was freezing outside when I took these and I am sure my fingers were numb.

Wearing a vintage dress that is actually just a taaad too short to wear as a dress (even for me), leggings made by my mother, her shoes, self-made body harness, Topshop earrings ( so much loveeeee, especially for my auntie who got them for me) and random cutie clips.

This photo (not mine) wasn't my inspiration (as I only just found it), but it's definately part of the same vibe. And after having wanted lighter hair for pretty much ever, it's convinced me that maybe darker is the way to go. :)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Our Lady of Pop

Lady Gaga for Vogue US March 2011 by Mario Testino, pictures by FGR.

My current Kesha obsession has done nothing to diminish my love for Mother Monster. I've read the article and saved the pictures, but I need to get the magazine. The internet is fabulous but there's nothing quite like a hard copy. :)

Monday, 21 February 2011

There's a place downtown where all the freaks come around

^ Ke$ha

This is my favourite-est outfit in a looong time; shame I absolutely froze. Not completely sure why, but I love the colours (although I'm sure the dress is darker and more green than in these pictures) and all the new silver jewellery. Plus I bought these incredible shoes from Topshop. I've been wanting some chunky heels for a while and I was going to ask for some for my birthday but I saw these babies, tried them on and BAM! Better pictures another day; A got a bit fed up.

In fact, I think this whole oufit is from Topshop (purchased over a few years), except the jacket which is Zara. The jewellery is self made apart from the wolf ring from Topman and the awesome short necklace which is my mom's. It's actually really long but looks insane as a choker.

All the jewellery I started off wearing, but took off piece by piece during the day. I'm pretty sure wearing earring and rings makes your ears and fingers colder... And this corset had diamantes on until this morning when I cut them all off. :)

Ps. Totally obsessed with Ke$ha right now. :)

Saturday, 19 February 2011


Wearing Abercrombie v-neck, Asos knitted shorts, River Island vest, self-made jewellery, self-grown hair. I like my hair like this with only the curly ends straightened because it keeps volume and it's really quick and not much effort (a must - I'm awful with hair). I'm also pleasantly suprised at how long it it. I used to have hair long enough to sit on (just about) but right before I started this blog I chopped it all off for a change and 'cause it was such an effort. I didn't miss it and I don't mind short hair but at the moment I kinda want it again.

Decided that long-sleeved knits under slouchy vests are my transitional look (ie. it's too cold to dress like summer so let's dress like summer with knits underneath). So gonna wear practically the same thing most of this week since it is now halfterm (woop). Been makin' lots more jewellery, but mostly pendants and earrings this time, including everything in the photos above. So feeling pyramids/triangles/other randomly cool shapes/dirty metal/shattered glass/rock/stiff feathers (note to self: get more, remaining are too fluffy)/messy layers. Just wait 'till you see what I've been making and my current art project. :)

Monday, 14 February 2011


Quick post to show the leather harness I made last night.

It's been in the making for weeks - first I had a silver belt and ribbon but then ran out of silver chain and when I went to buy more, I couldn't find the right one. Then I found this one, decided it was similar enough to use both, realised it wasn't and had to find a different belt and make it all again (not that this was a belt, it's a bag strap). But now it's made (and more importantly, is removable) and I love it. :)

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Dreamin' of those dreamy days

I think I might have posted the last two before, but now they're in colour. Wearing the most perfect playsuit from Zara. :)