Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Clear as copper

I made this necklace a few weeks ago from random stuff for my current art project (very stressed about it at the moment). Everyone keeps asking me what it's made of; broken bus shelter glass, with the edges covered with glue and wire and painted copper. I'm not sure why it shatters this way but it's beautiful and only the edges are a bit sharp. FYI, I don't go round picking broken glass off the street, my teacher did and gave it to me since I was working with shattered glass anyway (although I have kept my eyes peeled ever since). This discovery, and what I've been working on for art ("structures" - making cars, bikes and roads out of computer and electrical bits, wire, glass, metal, glue etc) has inspired me to make a bunch of jewellery which I'll be creating and posting in the next couple of weeks.

Wearing a leopard dress (although I've grown since the age of 11 so it's now more of a top) made by mom, her cardigan, vintage leather skirt, Topshop earrings with attached feather and self-made rings (so obsessed with copper colour; so over silver) and necklace. And no shoes because it is now officially warm enough to do so and still feel my feet. :)

Sunday, 27 March 2011


We threw a Hawaiian themed suprise party for a friend today - it was the perfect theme because not only do I love Hawaii (and anything to do with Lilo and Stitch); I'm also fortunate enough to have been several times, although a few years ago now, so we have lots of Hawaiian stuff. I'm wearing one of my dad's Hawaiian shirts and red leis, green (scalloped!) shorts cut by myself, a borrowed plastic grass skirt and multi coloured lei and gold shell bracelets from Hawaii. The turtle necklace, ring and earring are just random turtles I found and decided to wear. I collect anything turtle-related, in case you hadn't realised. :)

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Some jewellery (and a box) I made for A for his birthday ages ago. He really needs to let me photograph him wearing the rest! Making lots of cool new stuff at the moment - still obsessed with metal but more industrial now. I discovered steampunk. :)

Ps. These photos aren't posed at all. I don't think they would have known I was taking them if it weren't for my growls when someone suddenly moved a hand.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Spring morning

And it's raining, which is pretty usual but also quite nice. I love spring rain because it's so fresh. Wearing easter colours today and the way my kurta tails hang under the skirt is great.

Kurta made by my grandma and embroidered by my aunt, mother's belt, skirt from USA Pro, heels from Primark and self-made necklace. I'm obsessed with chokers right now, especially plain metal ones like the ones at Micheal Kors. And ideas where to get one? I can't make one myself (much to my annoyance) and I can't find anything similar on Ebay or Etsy.

Spring inspiration from 5 Inch and Up. It's my birthday in less than a month so I need to start narrowing down my lists of loves. :)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Straight light

Continuing in the vein of the Bjorg campaign, I'm still obsessed with purity and almost freakish... clean-ness (in making jewellery). All pictures except the unicorn taken by Mariell Amelie, one of my new favorite photographers. Hoping to get a grow-your-own crystals set soon. :)

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Fool me

Love how this pose looks so staged even though it's not because I was actually kicking some stuff out of the way.

I'm pretty sure yesterday was the first day of the year I've not been cold when taking pictures. I knew innapropriate dressing would force warmth! Wearing vintage scarf, Topshop earrings, mother's waistcoat, abercrombie shirt, gecko brooch from Christmas markets, jeans from India I cut up, random socks and Zara boots. I love these boots but don't wear them out that much because I'm paranoid about them and the heels are already scuffed up. Cobbles look lovely but are baaaad for heels! :)

Saturday, 12 March 2011

A leopard can't change its spots

Originally going to leo-ize all my nails not just my thumbs but ran out of time and patience for not being able to use fingers so the others are a matching warm brown-y gold. Jacket from H&M (always get compliments on it - I should wear it more), self-made necklace (with one of my baby teeth on, hehe) and shirt from somewhere in India, A's bracelet, vintage skirt and mothers' belt. This belt goes with everything and this skirt (which is a bit too big in the waist) looks fab with a belt - it gets a sorta paper bag effect. :)

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Like an 808 drum


Vanity and a perchant for aliens, robots and circuit boards. They're for my art project; I don't just have random bits of computer lying around in my house (although I probably do actually). Also discovered a talent for beehives which shall be abused as often as possible. Blouse/jacket from Asos, necklace self-made. :)