Friday, 28 October 2011

irritatingly indie

I seem to be wearing a lot of red and orange at the moment... it's not conscious. This is the first time I've properly straightened my hair since dying it because I was scared it would look really stripy and horrific but I think it's ok and having flat hair makes a nice change. L's hat is one of my favourite things ever but it's been windy and raining a lot so not the best hat or straight hair weather. Here I'm wearing a River Island vest which is an intriguing length so not quite a top but not yet a dress, mom's belt and my trusty UO jumper. :)

Ps. I apologise for the sporadic posting (which will probably continue for a bit due to internet issues, eugh).

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


It felt like a bright red shirt day. And these leggings/trousers ("treggings?") that my mother got me from Amsterdam are the comfiest excuse for pants ever. And theyre skintight so I've been wearing them non-stop in an effort to loosen them up so they're school appropriate (they won't make it but I'll wear them anyway). Mother's shirt, leggings from Amsterdam, boots from Topshop, old scarf, self-made necklace and assorted friends' bracelets and watch. Which reminds me that I'm on the lookout for a nice big shiny men's watch... :)

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Wearing a scarf which was a present from R from India, one of mother's "sari blouses" (yeah it's just a tight crop top.. which I have totally stolen and want more of) and Topshop skirt.

I'm such a bad person for not posting... a tiny bit of time and I've spent it Youtube tutorial-bashing and experimenting. But on the plus side I can now manipulate eyeshadow (a tiny bit) and do zombie face makeup! And I've rediscovered a bunch of clothes and accessories since half of my closet is now on my floor... And yes, that is a teacup next to me. You'll see why when I eventually finish all the editing I need to do. :)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Wearing an Asos quilted jacket, Topshop leggings, abercrombie polo shirt, I's converse and mom's bag from Kenya. I was initially thinking Amy Winehouse when I chose this polo but since I then couldn't find a short full black skirt (what is this, I need one) that plan was abandoned and my favourite leggings were found. And an orange coat 'cos it was cold and wth, colour blocking is appropriate in autumn too.

It depresses me that everywhere around my house, the trees are evergreen so there are no beautiful autumnal colours or crackly leaves. This is practically the only brown leaf I could find. :)

Sunday, 16 October 2011


I do love pears and I do love autumn. I've heard rumours of snow and my fur coat is hanging up just begging to be taken out... I can't wait. Wearing my favourite UO sweater, Topshop boots and mom's silk dress. Sadly it's an unflattering length on me so must be hitched up with a belt which must be discreetly hidden under a jumper...shame cos it would make a beautiful skirt with a simple blouse. Topshop have a couple of similar graduated colour, dippy hem skirts but my best friend has her eye on them...and would probably kill me. :)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

2nd choice

2nd outfit choice, 2nd location choice (thanks to non stop rain which also made the bottom of my pants wet. Gotta remember not to dress flowy when it's wet out!).

Looking very peaceful and hippy; feeling anything but. Also possibly the most impractical outfit I have ever worn on a day I have art...which is now every day.

Wearing a sheer top from Primark, palazzo pants from River Island, Topshop boots and an Asos scarf (in case I got cold). :)

Monday, 10 October 2011

Reach Out & Touch Me

Reach Out & Touch Me, Elle UK Sept 2011. Martha Streck by Jan Welters. Photos scanned in from magazine myself.

Starting to feel the glittery party season. Yes to all types of texture and frivolity.

Looking through my recent posts, I've realised my style has changed since I started this blog. As I've become more confident and have this blog as an outlet for creativity, I have had less incidents of sartorial dress-up frenzy. I intend to change that as soon I get a moment to myself. :)

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Better photos later when my (snake print!!) suit has recovered from the drenching rain. :)

Monday, 3 October 2011

Shoulderblades as wings

Blouse and boots from Topshop, pants from River Island, mom's sweater, lace bandeau from Urban Outfitters. Oddly enough, this top wasn't considered too risqué for school...weird. Also realised I have this cardigan, a top, a sweater, a leather jacket, and these pants in very similar colours. One day soon I am so colourblocking the hell out of red. Also my hair looks like a lion's mane in the top photo. :)