Wednesday, 28 July 2010

I love this photo, taken by Jimmy Sime in 1937 outside the 133rd Eton vs Harrow Cricket match. It just shows how people used to dress so elegantly, even boys of about 9-12 (ish I think). The boys on the left are obviously dressed more richly and look like little English gentlemen. But what I love is how the three on the right are dressed and how they carry themselves. I'm not sure what it is (maybe it's the shirts, I LOVE shirts. And jackets. And shorts. Especially all together..), but they just look so much more refined and proud than the average person today. (I was watching the new Sherlock Holmes movie last night and again, the costumes looked amazing. Especially the evil guy's leather coat..)

One of the things I don't like so much about going to India is that I feel like I have to dress boringly as well as conservatively. (If I don't want to stand out any more than I already do and have loads of people bugging me that is. And I'm not even a tourist - I practically have a passport. Long story.) Which is why I haven't been posting. And the heat which makes everyone lethargic, so I haven't even gone out. And it's my grandparents' house so I can't really wander round taking random pictures. But at least I've been kept happy by lots of shirts. In fact, I plan to take some pictures in the next couple of days. Things move at a very slow pace around here. :)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

'Look, a duck!' 'That's a pigeon..'

I went to the zoo with some friends (wierdos) today, for muchos funsies.

Left to right: S, R (who wants to be known as Regina Phalange), me, C and A (who wants to be known as Angus, which is actually his real name). It was very sunny but there were sudden, intense showers which is why we have umbrellas.

A holding the umbrella over me because I am of course, the god. He is queen, but let's be honest - god beats queen. And some random children in the background.

So, we got a bit lost.
Or some may say S, R and I 'ran away' from A and C.

R and I pretending to be zebras (because we were already the right colours - R's shorts were black and white stripes but you can't tell in the pictures). It's quite hard to get the facial expressions right you know, although R is doing a pretty good job.

My relative and I, bonding.

C and I pretending to be monkeys.

A and I riding an elephant (brass statue but still quite hard to get on).

R and I by a waterfall. 'Try and make it look like the water is on my head.'

C and I (and R and A in the background). I'm wearing a dress a little shop somewhere, a denim biker jacket from H&M, black lace cycling shorts from Topshop, my DM's and a bag from Hoopers (I always use that bag. For everything). C's wearing a black top, a midnight blue skirt from Topshop, a denim jacket of her mother's and DM's. How great - we now both have DM's!

Random photos that I took without being able to see. I think they're pretty cool. :)

Ps. It has been drawn to my attention that I can't spell weird. That's probably C's fault as she always said 'wee - erd' and now 'wierd' and 'weird' both look right to me. So sorry if I spell it wrong (which I probably will do).

Pps. I'm going to India for three and a half weeks (sitting in an airport right now) and I should have internet but posting will be rather sporadic.

Edit: For some reason, this photo wouldn't work when I first tried to upload it. It's A with an actual duck (he was the one in the title).

Monday, 19 July 2010

Long Walk Home

^ The Boss aka. Bruce Springsteen. Love.

None of these 'doubles' are actually the same. Each one is a different picture because the camera was on some strange setting to take two pictures (one with flash and one without) and I didn't notice which is why some look almost exactly the same and I have moved in some. I do like the doubled up photos though. I also think that because of the editing these pictures have a sort of 50's Italian New York feel to them, especially the one just above. Just me? Okay then.

Wearing jeggings from H&M, a Wonderwoman (I love comics and cartoons) body from Topshop, a silk shirt of my mom's which has flowers sort of embossed (?) on it if you look carefully and a scarf of my mom's in my hair, something which I have only recently discovered I can do, and now loooove. And as you can see, I don't believe in shoes in the summer. I don't really believe in them in winter either but in winter the ground's cold. :)

Edit: I don't know what it is about these photos, but I love them. And also, I've never been into the whole wearing-a-shirt-open-over-something, but it works with this shirt/blouse. Maybe because it's fitted so doesn't look stupidly oversized? I don't know but I also love the embroidery/embossing on it. It's little details like that that really make a piece.

Saturday, 17 July 2010


The Thames at low tide. We wondered where all the water had gone.

On Friday 2nd July, I and my friends C and L (and some other people) went to Wimbledon with school. I took my camera (of course!) but also a disposable which I have only just scanned in the photos from. The father is convinced that our scanner works, although he can't actually make it work; we kind of got a new one.. long story. And I haven't used a disposable in years, so some of the pictures were complete fails. Plus the scanner isn't great, but I quite like them.

C on the minibus with lots of drinks.

Boredom on the minibus. Caramel frappaccinos are my life.

Women's doubles. Can't remember who.

I did not take that photo, C did. Just a disclaimer.

Rafael Nadal (left) v. Andy Murray. Men's singles semifinals, obviously. We saw David Beckham too!

C bought the bear and I bout the golden mini racket. 'I shall call him Wimble and he shall be my Wimbledon teddy'. I sorta forgot that disposables don't have auto-focus..

.. or flash..

Me and L. L's wearing a skirt from Next, white shirt, vest and pumps and a bag from Fat Face.

.. and we got a few fingers in the way..

Wearing a dress from Topshop, cardigan and belt of my mother's, DM's and a random bow clip I found in my bag. My bag is the grey one from Hoopers and C's is the backpack from Roxy.

The disposable didn't really do the bright green of my dress justice.

C wearing a Hollister top, Topshop leggings, a Topshop denim jacket, purple Converse and Ray-ban Wayfarers.

Ray-ban made a serious mistake in these glasses: they're the wrong way round. Seriously, the inside is amazing but the outside is boring black. It looks like the London tube map, or maybe that's just me. New York perhaps?

L, me, C. :)

Friday, 16 July 2010


I was freezing so wore this out with a trenchcoat over the top and got some really wierd looks. Anyone would think they'd never seen layers before. And so what if it's 'summer', it's been raining (and apparently will for the rest of the week) and therefore getting darker, and I could swear there's a slight chill creeping in. Yay.

Our TV is broken which is why I'm standing on it. Also wearing my favourite (really old) jeans from Topshop, cropped top from Topshop, heels from Primark, gilet/bodywarmer I got as a present and a scarf of my mother's. :)

Ps. I'm loving the space where the TV used to be, but we're getting a horrible new one. I hate widescreens - they make everyone look short and fat.