Monday, 31 May 2010


Too much greeeeeen! I'm sick of green! It's all the same, bright horrible green that's everywhere and gets into all my pictures. It's too bright, too cheerful and realistic. I want some grey. Someone give me a cityscape please!

Now that my little rant is over, please welcome the delights of darkness. Not only does it lessen the effect of the hated green, it also hides the bad quality (kind of). Can't help thinking that a fancy camera would make everything so much better.

Wearing a skirt from USA Pro, a light denim shirt from Topshop, a (fake, of course) fur bodywarmer/gilet/vest that I got a few Christmases back from America I think, tights from Miss Selfridge that I cut into thigh high stockings (although they keep rolling down which is VERY annoying) and my DM's. I really feel like a pair of battered leather boots like the Chloe ones but sadly I don't have any. I was considering wearing my dad's then I realised just how big they were on me. :)

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Pause the stripes

Hello, I've been on D of E again; more rain, mud and cold - yay. I don't have any photos because I, being the genius that I am, specially charged my camera battery, then took it out of the charger and packed my camera WITHOUT THE BATTERY IN. Some photographer I am.

Anyway, here are today's photos.

I have discovered that I rather like noise. These photos are (almost) completely unedited which tells you something about the quality of my camera and the high ISO setting I put it on. I still want a higher quality camera though (an SLR).

Then I messed around with some layers and blending effects and voila! (below)

I didn't actually want to use the same pictures again but it was impossible to recreate the same effect on other photos and I have absolutely no idea why. But I think they're rather cool. :)

Edit: Akk! Forgot all about the clothes! A navy and white stripy dress that my mother bought for me in America somewhere, a grey and white stripy top from H&M that I cut off, stripy blue and grey socks from Hoopers I think, a scrunched-up green clutch from H&M and a srunchie pinned to my hair that my grandma made.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Aparently this picture is 'somewhat creepy'. I don't see it.

I do love chains. I like purple too. I'm wearing a jacket from H&M and an old school skirt that's been taken up, a black leather and chain bracelet that my friend got me from Sweden (I looove it and I've been wearing it for days. It inspired the whole outfit actually), two bracelet-chain-ring things and a bunch of chains, all of which I made from random keyrings and necklaces that I found. I wasn't really going for a millitary look, I just wanted a grey jacket and my other one's sleeves were too long for my bracelet things, but I think it turned out pretty well. And I discovered that sitting on cupboards makes a great place to take photos.

Sweed eat your heart out. :)

Monday, 24 May 2010


I like water. A lot. Love it in fact.

Anatidaephobia - the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you (according to a Facebook group).

Wearing a random black cami from somewhere and a black bodycon velvet skirt that my mum made me from some leggings (this was before velvet leggings became cool. I kinda wish I'd kept the leggings now. But it shows that I am ahead of fashion - 'the first sheep leading the flock' as a friend put it. FYI, Vogue is the sheepdog and my friend was the shephard. Then we got into an argument about whether she as a shephard would wear a sheepskin coat or not. She totally would.) (Did I spell shephard right?). I was wearing a cream lace top and black waistcoat (which you can see hanging up in the first picture) too, but clothes are heeeavy in water. My friend got a me a gorgeous bracelet for my birthday that I was gonna wear before I realised that leather and water probably don't mix too well. Tomorow then. :)

Ps. I also love polaroids, hence the frames.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

What to do with roses?

Kinda looks like I murdered a rose.. :)


After going on Lookbook, I REALLY want to grow my hair and take pictures underwater in a floaty dress. Unfortunately I don't have a pool or other large water-y-ness near me. Ooooh, I'm going to India in the summer so maybe I can convince my cousins to help me in the pool there. Yay.
Jellyfish at the aquarium at the California Academy of Sciences in the Golden Gate Park, San Fransisco, California.

The road that my road is off.

My bedroom window. It's not exactly the same as the other picture as it was taken at night not during the day. It's also (pretty obviously) edited differently.

The massive field/wood/grassland thing we had to hike across on D of E. It was so fun, the grass was really tall and springy and it was so big we didn't see anyone else until we got to that road ('The Road To Nowhere' as we called it). I felt like a proper explorer not just some random teenager out with her friends on a school trip in the Peak District.

Hippo footprints from the river, Maasai Mara, Kenya.

Okay so the pictures started on a watery theme. Then I got distracted.. :)

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Things I want

It's been a very hot and tiring day today - dance classes then a netball tournament in 25+C. And my camera's out of charge. So let's make a list instead.

1. Light/normal denim high waisted vintage shorts
2. White shirt and bow tie (actually I keep meaning to make one.. must do that soon)
3. Fake/leather shorts (I'm a terrible vegetarian. I love leather..)
4. More shorts (Got the picture? I like shorts.)
5. Blouse/dress with a rounded (Peter Pan?) collar
6. Dungarees/denim jumpsuit
7. Braces
8. Suspender skirt
9. Clear aviators (Do they exist?)
10. Cowboy hat
11. Canvas (and maybe leather) satchel/rucksack
12. Wicker basket hangbag
13. Plastic trench coat (wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww I want one I want one I want one)
14. Freedom

Hot summer nights = chance of thunderstorms. I like thunderstorms in summer. :)

Friday, 21 May 2010

The Secret Garden (Passageway)

On the warmest (I wouldn't say it's hot yet), most humid day off the year I choose to wear a tan trench coat/mac from H&M, a white lacy skirt from New Look and a cream lacy vintage-style blouse by JSK London (according to the label.. it was from a stall at the Clothes Show Live). I was boiling. Makes a change from being freezing through.

Make up your own story to go with these photos. :)

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba

^ The Lion King, one of the greatest Disney movies of all time. I saw a group on Facebook called 'Holding your cat above your head when singing The Circle of Life'. So doing that next time I'm at a friend with a cat's house!

I rediscovered my love of facepaint.

That is the first french plait I have ever done. In my own short hair, without being able to see. I'm very proud.

I'm wearing a bright green pineapple print dress from Topshop and facepaint. The African carved wooden head is from Nigeria and the wooden Masai figures are from the Masai Maara in Kenya. :)