Friday, 29 April 2011

Bo Diddley

^ Buddy Holly & The Crickets

Well, I had a lovely Royal Wedding Day. I was planning to wear black and speak French (I'm a republican) but fun got the better of me and instead we went to a 1940's-themed street party (but which wasn't actually in celebration of the wedding - perfect).

I'm wearing aTopshop dress, belt and shorts (we become inseperable in summer); gifted bracelets; a self-made necklace and earrings from the Christmas markets. A is looking very dapper in a bow tie (have I mentioned I love bow ties?) and a bowler (hats too).

After a while, we all got our dancing shoes on. It was an incredible atmosphere - everyone was lively and happy and danced even if they didn't know how to. Although there were some who obviously knew what they were doing more than us.

This older couple were the cutest - they danced to almost every song and were so energetic. And I leave you for today with this photo of a lampost that my grandad stole (so I was told - I'm not completely sure if it's true) and installed in his garden. :)

Ps. Sorry for the photo overload but just remember that there were 300 photos on my camera just from this day!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Ah well, I knew my hippieness couldn't last long. So back to colour-blocking I guess. I try not to think of "trends" as "summer" or "winter" but just wear whatever I want to each day. Even so I'm obviously influenced by everything around me, including magazines' analysations of current trends and limited in what I can buy by what's available, again influenced by trends. I just like the phrase "colour-blocking" and I figure it's appropriate.

Wearing a Primark blazer, really old top, and Wet Seal jeans I cut up. Also, I really want a watermelon right now. I don't really like the taste that much but they're very juicy and I am a perpetually thirsty person. :)

Monday, 25 April 2011


^Dar Williams

You'd never guess these were taken in a park in the middle of a London suburb would you? We went down Sunday to see the family and celebrate my cousin T's birthday. And clearly, I did not realise how sunny it would be.

Wearing a Topshop ring and snake blouse, mom's top underneath, old (and favourite) shiny leggings, DM's, River Island sunglasses and a silver cuff from S (although I didn't realise at that point that it had skulls on). Continuing in the skull theme... hope you had a great Easter. :)

Saturday, 23 April 2011


Woah, it's the first birthday of my blog today! And I don't have anything big prepared. Bad blogger. Very bad blogger. Well, what can I say that's not cheesy? Er... (partly) because of this blog I got my beautiful camera (not to mention lots of Facebook profile pictures). It's also pretty much the longest I've ever stuck to a diary-type thing and it's great because I can see how my style as well as my photography skillz have developed. ...I'm gonna stop now before I get teary eyed. Enjoy this sparkly picture of me in a flower crown I made today.

I'm having a thing about flower crowns - this is my fifth, including one I got from S as part of a late birthday present. Well, one gotta have a crown when it's a birthday. Possibly even a royal wedding if I can find/make black flowers in time... :)

Friday, 22 April 2011

River of Dreams

^Billy Joel

Wandering through an unknown city, lazing by canals, taking pictures, meeting old family friends, eating lots of Oriental food; the best way to spend a day.

Wearing a Topshop Wonderwoman body, gifted pyjama pants, mom's necklace, leopard flats, H&M jacket, River Island sunglasses and boater har from Claire's. You might have noticed I hardly ever wear long pants/skirt and short sleeves/sleeveless tops and usually do it the other way round - short skirt/shorts and long-sleeved tops/jackets. The reason for this is to try and tan my legs because they tan much more slowly than the rest of my body and so are always annoyingly pale, but recently I discovered that I quite like to mix is up and cover up my legs instead (as long as I hide from the sun. Actually I kind of dislike sun. I think I might be a vampire). Ovbiously, this is made much more fun and comfy by light, floaty, wide-leg pants such as these pyjamas which have now been promoted to regular pants, much to the eye-rolling of my mother. :)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Bright Side of the Road

^Van Morrison

The past couple of days I've been in Amsterdam, enjoying the feeling of being European and exploring a new city (and also holding my head to prevent my hat trying to fly off at every hint of a breeze). One word of advice - the roads there are mad: cars, bikers, trams, buses etc coming from every direction so look every possible way before and while crossing! The many canals and amazing houseboats have convinced me I want to spend at least a summer living on the water.

Wearing a lace blouse bought from the Clothes Show Live last year, vintage knit I chopped the sleeves off (now a one of my favourite basics), skirt from a market in Rio, self-made earrigs and pendant on a chain from River Island (it's so versatile!), denim jacket from H&M, sunglasses from River Island, hat from Claires and satchel from a German Christmas market stall. :)