Sunday, 28 November 2010

Welcome winter

I don't know when winter officially begins but in Lala Land it starts when I first get the urge to dress like snow. Don't ask because I can't explain. I just know that this outfit feels like snow and winter.

Okay, it's not much. But it's snow! Hopefully there'll be more. On Friday would be perfect as I'm going to the Christmas markets with friends.

I like my hair like this; it makes me feel like a bird.

Wearing H&M jacket and jeggings, Zara boots, my dad's (or possibly my mom's come to think of it) sweatshirt, Primark brooch (this adorable trooper survived an accidental spin in the washing machine and came out unscathed) and a butterfly clip from when I was little.

I decided to forgo gloves for the ease of taking pictures and because I couldn't be bothered to hunt for some. Big mistake, my fingers froooooooooooze. :)

Saturday, 27 November 2010


I've been tagged by the lovely Zaia to do this blogger interview. Which is great because I love doing interviews/questionaires (gawd I'm vain).
1. Why did you create this blog?
I wanted some way to record what I wore and after I read Tavi's post about why she started blogging, I decided I could do it too. So I did. I've created/had websites since the age of about 7 (my family is very computerised - once my mom emailed me from the same room..) so it wasn't really a big deal.

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
Mostly fashion ones. A few photography/lifestyle ones and a couple of just random cool ones.

3. Favorite makeup brand?
I barely wear makeup so I have no idea. But does anyone know one with good lipstick in orange and dark purple? Reeeeally want some.

4. Favorite clothing brand?
Oh I have no ideaaaa. I get clothes from everywhere. But I can do my favourite designer - John Galliano. He always creates fabulousity (wearable or not, it's amazing). I hope to one day have a John Galliano style wedding.

John Galliano SS'10.

5. Your indispensable makeup product?
I don't wear any most days, mostly because I can't be bothered. But I guess my favourite would be eyeliner. I wear liquid more but pencil is good too.

6. Your favorite color?
Purple. But for clothes, any colour.

7. Your perfume?
I'm verrrry picky. I only wear two - a plumeria one from Hawai'i or a vanilla one from the Body Shop. Wierdly enough, my best friend C wears the same vanilla one which neither of us knew until recently. I also have a gorgeous vanilla one from Sephora but Sephora isn't in England so I have to be very stingy with it. I used to wear what I called my purple-and-green scent which was a mixture of something Ted Baker and something in a square purple bottle from France. But I want to add Bang by Marc Jacobs to my modest collection as I love it.

8. Your favorite film?
Well this is embarrassing. Loads - 10 Things I Hate About You, the Terminator series, the Back to the Future series, Romeo + Juliet (Baz Luhrmann version), Moulin Rouge (Baz Luhrmann version), Over the Hedge, the Hangover, Kindergarten Cop, Stardust, Mean Girls. Plus I'm sure many more that I haven't seen yet.

10 Things I Hate About You
The Terminator (1)

Back to the Future (Part I)

Romeo + Juliet

Kindergarten Cop
(All pictures from Google.)

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
America because I miss it and I don't go enough. And I'm American! Japan because it's so technologicaly advanced and sounds insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane. Mexico because I looove the food and have never been. Ditto most of the world. Actually, I'm proud that I've visited all the continents (except Antarctica, but really, who's been there?).

10. Write the last question and answer it yourself.
Your favourite quote?
"Those who cherish (a beautiful vision,) a lofty ideal in their hearts will one day realise it". And "stars are the streetlights of eternity".

My ceiling, heavily edited. :)

Edit: Oopsie, forgot to tag people.
I hereby pass this on to
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Winter gypsy

More crappy photos. Wearing a Topshop dress, Miss Selfridge tights, Urban Outfitters cardi, mom's waistcoat, random leopard scarf, Miss Selfridge fur coat and DM's. Man it was freezing yesterday and today we have snow!

Off now, hope this posts 'cos I scheduled it. :)

Thursday, 25 November 2010


Sorry about the crappy photo quality. And the grumpy expression, I'm really tired and my last exam did not go well.

Wearing a vintage shirt, knitted shorts from Asos and my beautiful coat from Miss Selfridge. Also leopard flats but you can't see them. I bought these shorts a few weeks ago and love them - they're so comfy and warm - but I find it really hard to style them. Not sure why. And also, I think they're a bit of a wierd shape.. Giselle from Style of a Fashionista has them too so I will watch how she styles them.. :)

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I was told to tie up my loose ends

Photos from Russia: (Nicked my friends'.)

In Russian McDonalds - so much cooler than England.

Me and C in Harry Potter glasses ages ago before I cut all my hair off. And no, I haven't seen the film nor do I have any plans to.

Me and D the other day. How cute are the matching dresses?!

Current inspiration obsessions:

Yes, I realise it's freezing (snow expected this weekend!!!) ... I'll make it work somehow...

And a few resolutions:
Post more
Go on Twitter more
Comment on blogs I follow/love more
Post on Oh L'Inspiration more (running out of disk space!)
Go on Facebook less

Sorry for the lack of posting, I've had exams but they're all over now! I'm going to make up for my terrible blogger-ness by posting all the time now. :)

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Things I want

Since I have some time today (supposed to be revising or doing art but whatever), I figured I'd work on my christmas list.

1. Digital SLR camera. Enough said.

2. River Island purple agate pendant - I remember seeing this in a shop a while ago and instantly falling in love but I was being dragged out of the shop at that point and I had no money so I couldn't buy it. I've been dreaming about it ever since and only today had the smarts to look it up on the website. Had a heart attack when I couldn't find it or anything like it on any high street websites, then eventually realised maybe it wasn't real amethyst and found it instantly - on sale too! Might have to go to town tomorow and get it.. Might also have to get a real amethyst pendant, just look at these beauties!

3. This.
Fabulousness in a bracelet. Manages to combine all my favourite things - chunky, detail, chains, animals/insects, metal and all in that lovely dirty bronzey colour.

4. Autumn-y deer and wolf rings from Topshop. And just about any other autumn-animal themed jewelley. Like this deer necklace and leopard ring, both from River Island.

5. Anything owl-related. Like a necklace, a bracelet, or perhaps some enamel earrings, or even studded ones. Possibly a locket too.. Remember how I was obsessed with birds? Well I still am and my exam piece that I started yesterday is a owl with its wings spread. I love being able to indulge in obsessions. I'll show you the millions of bird drawings/paintings etc that I've done next week when my exam is over.

6. Remember the Topshop robot brooch I was in love with?
Well it's out of stock on the website (not sure about stores) buuuut.. it's on the Topman website! And I think it's cheaper! I think I prefer it with grey arms and legs. Although there is a pretty cute robot necklace too..

7. Something burgundy, my new favourite colour (for clothes. My favourite colour is still purple). So that would be these velvet leggings or knee high socks.

8. Black/grey jersey maxi skirt. Yep, stiiill want one. Just need to find the perfect one.

9. Leopard print blouse. I'm suuure I saw the perfect one somewhere but I can't for the life of me remember where. Maybe it was a dream?

What do you want?

Ps. Thank you to my new follower :)

Sunday, 14 November 2010

It's a marvellous night for a moondance

Another busy busy week and no time to take outfit photos which is a shame because I wore some things I love that haven't been on this blog yet. But enjoy some random photos. And I promise to start blogging better once my two weeks of mocks are over (ARGH GONNA DIE, GONNA DIE, NOT DONE ENOUGH ART! KILL ME NOWWWWWWW).

For S's art project wearing random black leotard and bronze skirt my mom made for me.

Me and L both wearing L's clothes because I got locked out of my house..

Aaaaand, I was so happy because in town on Saturday I was street style snapped for two girls' uni fashion project. I was so flattered and am still pleased. :)

Ps. Thank you so muchhh to my new followers :)

Sunday, 7 November 2010


This is what I've been doing during my three day weekend. I made the elephant necklace as a birthday present for my friend E out of paper mache, painted a deer on the back of my old school blazer and bought bunny ears at a bonfire (they flash!). :)

Friday, 5 November 2010

Thinking of you, should I come see you?

Happy Diwali everyone! I'm currently trying to convince my parents that we should celebrate all festivals since we're a multi-cultural, multi-faith family. So in this spirit I wore my favourite and newest silk kurta from Fabindia, my mom's blue leggings from Topshop, my mom's dark green waist belt and my lovely boots from Zara. The colours of the kurta are perfect for fall but are also somewhat Christmas-sy.

Hope you had a great day whatever your religion is, even if you were at school/work (I got to miss school, woop). And don't forget, Eid al-Adha is in two weeks! :)