Sunday, 31 July 2011


A scout for photo locations turned into a nomadic day of riding bikes and lying in long grass. :)

Saturday, 30 July 2011


Photos of me by S. Seems I might be training up a few Colins. (Or just not being bothered to carry my tripod everywhere).

Can't remember if I've mentioned this before but the thing I find most difficult about blogging is finding interesting backgrounds/locations for my photos. But the other day we "found" a building site which is kind of perfect. I think I'll be visiting it a little more.

Wearing DIY shorts from some of my mom's jeans, DM's, Primark gilet, kurta (which had to be tucked in a heck of a lot) and bracelets from India and feather necklace from Miss Selfridge. I rediscovered this jacket a couple of days ago and now I really want to wear it with everything. It's a good thing English summer weather is so changeable. :)

Ps. Here's a nice picture of A looking industrial. Ish.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Inspiration - Somebody mixed my medicine

^ The Pretty Reckless. Obsessed with them and not just because I love Taylor Momsen.

So I've been doing work experience with a photographer for just over a week which has been very interesting and also quite fun. However it means I have to dress normally (read boringly). Even excessive, dangerous jewellery is not a good idea when handling expensive cameras. So I think I'm going to spend the next few days rebelling by wearing as un-boring clothes as possible. This is my inspiration.

Wow, huh. Photo from Sea of Shoes (not sure where it's from originally). :)

Monday, 25 July 2011

Wakey Wakey

A while ago I was talking about being excited for my first ever festival: it was Wakestock. Sadly I only managed to get few pictures because although I took disposables but it was such an effort to carry stuff round, especially in the evenings. So here's pictures of about half of what I wore (I had about two outfits a day because I overpack then want to wear everything haha).

The thing I really liked about Wakestock was we could go chill on the beach during the day...

... then go to the music for the evening/night. Best of both worlds.

Guess which one's me.

Yep, the more garishly outfitted one. These are my (formerly C's) circus shorts. And A's wearing them below.

Shorts from Topshop, gifted top from Cornell, random sunglasses.

Top from Topshop (that's ironic), DIY shorts from my mom's jeans, mom's belt (now lost, RIP), vintage denim jacket and DM's in the corner there.

C wearing my sunflower headband from Topshop.

Top from Topshop, feather headdress made by me specifically for the festival.

A bad shot of some self-made earrings.

My 5 headresses for 3 days ahahaha. I definitely always overpack on jewellery/accessories but it's worth it. Didn't manage to get a picture of me wearing the neon feather one though. But that just means I'll have to wear it again soon.

Vintage top, skirt from a market in Rio, bangles from India, River Island sunglasses (also now lost, RIP).

Ps. The wonkiness is not particularly meant to be artistic, it's just I can't put things in the scanner straight. These are all scanned film prints and the only edited one is the one of A because it scanned extremely bright blue for some reason.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Paradise Lost

More photos from Gozo, these from a disposable. Man I love the colours of film.

The Azure Window, and incredible natural stone arch in the sea.

Xlendi Bay, wearing a Topshop dress, Asos hat and Accessorize scarf.



Victoria/Rabat, looking up to the old citadel.

The Inland Sea which has an underwater arch in the rock leading to the open sea.

Xlendi Bay.

Definitely want to go back to Gozo again and hopefully next time I'll be a qualified diver! Gozo is well known for it's scuba diving and my dad dived but we weren't there long enough for me to do a full beginners course. :)

Ps. The wonkiness is not meant to be artistic, it's just I can't put things in the scanner straight.
Pps. Underwater photos taken by my dad. Stupidly I forgot to take an underwater disposable, not that I'm sure it would have worked properly in the sea...

Thursday, 21 July 2011


So I spent just over a week on the island of Gozo which is next to Malta. You can tell which photos were taken in the first few days and which were taken towards the end by my tan hahaha.

Top (cut up by me) and culottes from River Island, hat from Asos, flipflops from India and sunglasses found in my house and are now claimed as mine.

Gozo is so much hotter than I expected and I do not deal well which heat. I spent most of my time alternately hiding from the sun or tanning. Wearing a top made and embroidered by either my aunt, shorts that were formerely C's (actually in love with them. Shame they're almost indecently short though) and ankle bracelet from Hawaii.

Topshop dress, Acsessorize scarf.

Can't remember where this swinsuit's from, I've had it for a couple of years and I love it.

Mom's dress from Kenya, shirt from H&M, gifted scarf (with metal decoration attatched) from S, gifted bracelets from a family friend in India and my beautiful thought-journal bought from the Christmas markets.

Top from Asos, swimsuit from Sweaty Betty.

Necklace bought from a little traditional crafts shop in Gozo.

Topshop shirt and belt, mom's jeans cut up by me.

Sure will miss my morning pool dip. And my evening dip too of course. I do love water. :)

Ps. How adorable is this little lace umbrella?! Lace-making is a tradition in Gozo and we saw many old ladies sitting in the shade weaving and crocheting.