Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Fly away

You may be wondering why I took the artistic liberty of ignoring auto focus. I can assure you it was a mistake.

Lots of photos from yesterday. Wearing a black and white stripy jersey dress that I got as a present a few years ago, a grey jersey blazer covered in white lace from Topshop, cream suede heels from Primark, a black hat and feather headdress from Claire's Accessories, a black net arm warmer also from Claire's (came in a pair but I can't find the other one), a silver Pandora bracelet and nude tights that I painted black and white swallows on in the style of Miu Miu's SS10 collection. :)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Skipping school

Hola! Okay, so I didn't really skip, I'm on study leave, but walking around town mid-morning Monday (in school uniform, I may add) certainly feels like it! Since none of my friends could be bothered to change out of their uniform, and I couldn't stand staying in it for much longer, I took off my blazer and skirt and slipped into my lovely culottes! (Floaty shorts that look like a skirt for those of us who are less fashion-inclined.) They're perfect for when I don't have time to think about what I want to wear.

So I'm wearing: culottes from River Island, my school shirt (from John Lewis if you had a burning desire to know), new grey trainer heels from New Look which I bought in town, a yellow string friendship bracelet which my friends got for me in town, a message-in-a-bottle pendant necklace and a boater hat with a black ribbon both from Claire's Accessories. I used to wear a boater hat as part of my summer uniform for my primary school. I hated it, but now I love them. Fashion trends cycle, my dear, never forget that. Keep everything because one day you may decide you like it again. :)

Edit: Photos added. Yeah I know, there's lots. I like to take photos okay. :)

Sunday, 25 April 2010

The tacky paparazzo

*Click* *click* *click* *click* What's that sound? Is it the paparazzi? No, you guessed right, it's just a tourist. Today I am eminating the tacky, kitschy 90's tourist, but in a much more glamourous fashion of course dahling. The mother's friends finally left so I was free to prance around with cameras.

I am wearing a Topshop cropped faded Hawaiian print top, a Topshop white vest underneath, high waisted denim shorts that my mum made from a pair of her jeans, and a whoooole lotta jewellery.

On my left arm, we have a whole load of bracelets that I got from friends as gifts from their holidays. You can't really see it, except for the blue thread, but that is a beaded bracelet I got from Rio de Janeiro, that, suprisingly, spells 'RIO'. Below that is a blue and purple evil eye bracelet my two of my friends bought me when they went to Spain together. The ring is a rubbery/plasticy thing that says 'peace'. Remember that charity band craze about two years ago? It's the same material as that. I'm holding a white plastic camera necklace from Topshop that I LOVE - look into the 'lens', it's a mirror! I'm also wearing mismatched earrings, but you can't see them. Damn..

On my right arm (oh how I feel like a tour guide), please observe the leopard printed sweatband that my mother made, some more gifts/souvernirs, including a beaded leather bracelet made by the Maasai tribe in Kenya which spells 'OBAMA' and depicts both the Kenyan and the American flag (unfortunately you can't really see this. Apologies; next time I will take better pictures. But it's pretty hard when your camera is smaller than your thumb!). Below this, yet more souvenirs, including a large wooden bracelet of my mother's that I must have stolen off her at some point, although I do not remember doing so.. Around my neck we have pendants that I made of red jasper (apparently my birthstone, not that I really know what a birthstone is, but whatever) and a random shell.. Maybe it's from a beach I once visited? Then we have a sort of head, painted again by the Maasai from Kenya (although the colours and the design look more Indian to me and my mother) which I fell in love with at first sight. And at the bottom of the picture, a red surfboard shaped pendant with black leaping dolphins on, with an attatched shark's tooth, which I bought in Hawai'i last time I was there, a few years ago.

Ahh, finally we come to the feet. These delicate objects are shod in my mother's brown and gold flip flops from somewhere in India, and a few ankle bracelets, most of which I bought from Claire's Accessories, except for the top one which I made and the second to bottom white and brown one which I bought from Volcano House at the edge of the Kilauea (kill-a-way-uh) volcano in Hawai'i. A very well-travelled outfit! :)

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Oh so floaty

No Doc Martens for me today! Today, in accordance with the lovely sunshine, I am wearing a calf-length gold skirt from back when I was a kid (it had a matching beaded gold top, but sadly, now that I can appreciate such goldness, it is wayyyy too small) that I pinned up, a pink floral shirt that my mother bought me one trip to India (my mother's Indian, we go at least once a year but for some reason that I can't remember, I didn't go that time), gorgeous black and gold studded shoes and waist belt from Primark and a gold pocketwatch necklace from Urban Outfitters. So yeah, very floaty, and light. It's perfect. Happiness all around. :)

Interlude - To tan or not to tan?

Well my hockey tournament went pretty well and I spent three hours in the lovely sunshine. Actually, it's not so lovely because while you play hockey, you wear shinpads and socks and a skort so the bottom half of your thighs and your arms and of course, your face, is exposed to the sun. This means you could end up with some pretty annoying tan lines, so most girls took their shinpads off to have a little sunbathe. Which brings me to my point: should I join them? I went skiing last month and have been spending innordinate amounts of time in the sun this past week (thank you, study leave!) so my face is pretty tanned. But the rest of me is not. I used to have quite tanned skin but I don't know, my skin looks kinda washed out to me. So I decided I would go for the pale look, not that I'm that pale, but whatever. But the problem with that is that my arms are more tanned than my legs. So I have a tanned face, not-quite-as-tanned-but-still-a-little-tanned arms, and not-tanned legs. It's like somebody emptied a bucket of fake bake over my head! Okay I hyperbolise, but still. I don't particularly want to dye my skin orange (or, more accurately, I can't be bothered), so out goes fake tan. I like the whole 'pale and interesting' look (who said pale is interesting anyway? Pale is just.. pale..), but as I already said, I have a tanned face. GRR! :)

Friday, 23 April 2010


This is my first ever blog post, woop woop. I started this blog to document my outfits and how my fashion sense changes and also to talk about/post pictures of other fashion, art and inspiration related things. Basically, I thought that I should wait until I get an SLR to take reeeally nice photos until I started blogging properly, but I decided that it would be too much fun to wait that long.

My main obsession at the moment is Lady Gaga, my role model. Not only is she a good singer, wears amazing clothes and has created such a memorable character of herself, SHE ACTUALLY DRESSES CRAZY IN REAL LIFE. The 'craziness' is part of her. Most people have some sort of craziness, but most don't have the guts/don't care enough to fully embrace it like Gaga (My opinion. Welcome to Psychology 101 Lala style). And that is what I truly admire about her. I hope that one day I can be that confident and sure of myself. And I think having this blog will help. :)