Saturday, 31 May 2014

Inspiration - Sukie In The Graveyard

^Belle and Sebastian

photos all from Tumblr:
Spring Breakers, Sassy World, Perma Pupa, Spring Breakers, unknown x 5, Phiney Pet, unknown x4

My last day and deadline for all my work this year is Monday… so obviously I've been procrastinating, even though I've not got very much work left to do. I'm feeling so inspired now and I am so very nearly completely free to revel in LIFE! I am gonna miss art school over summer, it can be a slog but always an incredibly fulfilling and fun slog. Who else gets to spend whole days throwing glitter around with their friends in the name of coursework?

Things I am inspired by right now: Moonrise Kingdom (always), Spring Breakers,
I'm feeling very colourful, maybe too colourful, bright like neon lights that hurt your eyes on a dark summer eve. Patterns, textures, glitter, a cacophony of sights and feels. Little details, reminders to myself hidden in my clothes, easily missed but so satisfying to know and to notice. I also want to pay more attention to makeup (I know I say this all the time but now I don't have to wake up at 6 anymore I can actually do it), and also experiment with creating some block/stencil/silkscreen prints. And obviously get started on all the DIY projects I've been dreaming up in the past few weeks. Here's to a summer filled with fun. :)

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Faces of heavenly dust



It's been killing me to not post the photoshoot of the clothes I've made for my final project this year. Here are some photos of earlier work which will give you an idea of what I've made… And above are a couple of close-up shots of the make-up I did with face paint, glitter, tiny diamantes and eyelash glue. Thinking about adapting this for an everyday look… :)

All of these images were created from scratch by me (as are pretty much all the
images on my blog, but these ones are my actual work). Please, please do not repost
them without crediting me as they took many, many, many hours of hard work!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Got a lot to not do

^ Lorde






top made by me out of material from India
jeans from India
H&M denim jacket
monster bag from Claire's Accessories
YRU platforms

A day filled with colourful and inspiring exhibitions merited a fun outfit and even more fun photographs. Photos of me (obviously), edited with images I took of an artwork by Sixe Parades. :)

Friday, 23 May 2014







Meadham Kirchhoff x Topshop dress
Topshop sequin bralet
Tatty Devine customised necklace
black lacy slip from Marks and Spencer (I think)
random fishnet tights

I'm currently in London and wore this yesterday to go see the Westminster fashion show which I really enjoyed. This dress has become almost my perfect dress (if only it were made of cotton not damn polyester) and I want to wear it ever other day but I resist, out of fairness to all my other clothes. But how totally MK does it look paired with a sparkly sequinned bralet! :)

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Wild and young and free







top and skirt made by me
gifted floral headband
gifted payal (Indian anklets)
platform Converse

I made this two-piece a few weeks ago and it's finally hot enough to run and jump around in it without any distracting cover-up. Except it was raining when I took these. Warm summer rain, though. Little matching tops/jackets and skirts/shorts make me feel at the same time like I have my life together ('cos they match, duh) and also like a young kid full of energy. I absolutely adore this sort of print and I have a pile of fabrics just waiting to be turned into cute matching sets! :)

Saturday, 17 May 2014

I thought I was an alien

^ Soko



mother's shirt dress
crown made by K
Asos metal cuffs
gifted payal (Indian anklets)
YRU shoes

I call this my bored queen alien look. I had planned to wear a specific jacket today with this dress but nooo, the weather wasn't having that because it's suddenly got hot and sunny. So I compensated with this tiara because nothing says summer like dismembered dolls. And it managed to prompt a little kid on his bike to come and ask me what I was doing in terms of amazement. :)

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Strawberry Fields




Next jumpsuit
Asos cropped biker blouse
River Island bag and shoes
Urban Outfitters sunglasses
American Apparel scrunchie
gifted payal (Indian anklets)

So you might notice I took my nose ring out (ok, I somehow managed to whack it out by accident) and am letting that hole heal in hopes of getting a septum piercing instead. As soon as I can convince somebody to come with me and hold my hand. Sometimes little things have huge impact on your look, and more importantly, your feeeels. Like, I finally got around to buying a bright pink lipstick and it suddenly made this black jumpsuit super cool. I'm not sure yet, but this pink definitely has the potential to usurp black as my favourite lip colour. :)

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Psychedelic furs



American Apparel scrunchie
old tshirt
Ostwald Helgason leggings
YRU shoes

Everybody's free to feel good, apart from me apparently. As well as swamped with work, I've been ill. But I'm still all about easy printed jersey pieces and I figure I'd better get the fur out of my system before it gets to a temperature where it's ridiculous. Although, having said that, when I went out to take these photos it was pretty damn cold. Needing (fake) fur in May huh, that's a new one. :)

Monday, 5 May 2014

Everybody's free to feel good

^ Quidon Tarver (Romeo + Juliet)








Top from Ebay
Old skirt dip-dyed by me
Old belt illustrated by me
Asos tights
YRU shoes
Monster bag from Claire's
Gifted tiara pimped with googly eyes
American Apparel scrunchie

Apologies for the short hiatus, life is rather stressful right now. But my cup brimmeth over with sartorial inspiration! Of the kawaii, multicoloured, five-year-old variety, naturally. Absolutely in love with this bag, although I still need get round to attaching a permanent strap/chain instead of this flimsy (but cute) ribbon. Also wearing my Joan Miro-inspired belt which I love to bits and wear quite often but never seems to make it to the blog for some reason. :)