Sunday, 25 April 2010

The tacky paparazzo

*Click* *click* *click* *click* What's that sound? Is it the paparazzi? No, you guessed right, it's just a tourist. Today I am eminating the tacky, kitschy 90's tourist, but in a much more glamourous fashion of course dahling. The mother's friends finally left so I was free to prance around with cameras.

I am wearing a Topshop cropped faded Hawaiian print top, a Topshop white vest underneath, high waisted denim shorts that my mum made from a pair of her jeans, and a whoooole lotta jewellery.

On my left arm, we have a whole load of bracelets that I got from friends as gifts from their holidays. You can't really see it, except for the blue thread, but that is a beaded bracelet I got from Rio de Janeiro, that, suprisingly, spells 'RIO'. Below that is a blue and purple evil eye bracelet my two of my friends bought me when they went to Spain together. The ring is a rubbery/plasticy thing that says 'peace'. Remember that charity band craze about two years ago? It's the same material as that. I'm holding a white plastic camera necklace from Topshop that I LOVE - look into the 'lens', it's a mirror! I'm also wearing mismatched earrings, but you can't see them. Damn..

On my right arm (oh how I feel like a tour guide), please observe the leopard printed sweatband that my mother made, some more gifts/souvernirs, including a beaded leather bracelet made by the Maasai tribe in Kenya which spells 'OBAMA' and depicts both the Kenyan and the American flag (unfortunately you can't really see this. Apologies; next time I will take better pictures. But it's pretty hard when your camera is smaller than your thumb!). Below this, yet more souvenirs, including a large wooden bracelet of my mother's that I must have stolen off her at some point, although I do not remember doing so.. Around my neck we have pendants that I made of red jasper (apparently my birthstone, not that I really know what a birthstone is, but whatever) and a random shell.. Maybe it's from a beach I once visited? Then we have a sort of head, painted again by the Maasai from Kenya (although the colours and the design look more Indian to me and my mother) which I fell in love with at first sight. And at the bottom of the picture, a red surfboard shaped pendant with black leaping dolphins on, with an attatched shark's tooth, which I bought in Hawai'i last time I was there, a few years ago.

Ahh, finally we come to the feet. These delicate objects are shod in my mother's brown and gold flip flops from somewhere in India, and a few ankle bracelets, most of which I bought from Claire's Accessories, except for the top one which I made and the second to bottom white and brown one which I bought from Volcano House at the edge of the Kilauea (kill-a-way-uh) volcano in Hawai'i. A very well-travelled outfit! :)

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