Sunday, 30 May 2010

Pause the stripes

Hello, I've been on D of E again; more rain, mud and cold - yay. I don't have any photos because I, being the genius that I am, specially charged my camera battery, then took it out of the charger and packed my camera WITHOUT THE BATTERY IN. Some photographer I am.

Anyway, here are today's photos.

I have discovered that I rather like noise. These photos are (almost) completely unedited which tells you something about the quality of my camera and the high ISO setting I put it on. I still want a higher quality camera though (an SLR).

Then I messed around with some layers and blending effects and voila! (below)

I didn't actually want to use the same pictures again but it was impossible to recreate the same effect on other photos and I have absolutely no idea why. But I think they're rather cool. :)

Edit: Akk! Forgot all about the clothes! A navy and white stripy dress that my mother bought for me in America somewhere, a grey and white stripy top from H&M that I cut off, stripy blue and grey socks from Hoopers I think, a scrunched-up green clutch from H&M and a srunchie pinned to my hair that my grandma made.

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