Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Viva la revolución

Maybe it's the looming threat of a Tory PM (yep, I'm a leftie) that's making me turn nostalgic for British 80's/90's fashion. Or maybe it's just because my dad's gone to Australia and I miss him so I've been ransacking his wardrobe for comfort wear. But I'm feeling a definate vibe, what with yesterday's acid, today's big woolly jumper and the DM's.

Wearing my dad's jumper which is most likely from the eighties, beige tailored shorts from Zara over black cycling shorts belonging to my friend (it's a long story - we had an athletics competition (?) after school and she made me swap shorts then she couldn't be bothered to swap back. And I have a strange love for cycling shorts..), stripy knee high socks that I got as a present, straw boater hat from Claire's, and of course my amazing DM's.

Let's pretend that the rather terrible editing of these photos adds to their 'charm'. :)

Edit: I just found out that Davey Cameron the posh totty is in fact the new Prime Minister of GB. I hope with all my might that there is another election soon. I shudder to imagine a repeat of Thatcherism. Although strikes and protests would be very cool.

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