Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Please don't bother trying to find her - she's not there

^ Santana

Completely unedited. How great is my dad's camera for a point-and-shoot?! I can't believe I didn't think of using it before. Next step: try the mother's.

Wearing a shirt and dress (part of a salvar kameez, well a leggings kameez) my mother got me from India, a leopard scarf from god knows where that I've had since I was like 8 and heels from Primark.

Finally discovered how to wear thin scarves! Watched the first part of Alfie in History today. Tried to do my hair in the 'Flip' but my fringe (yes I have a fringe but I never wear it down because it's not right) is too long now. And the flicky was annoying me so I curled the ends under. I love the sixties. :)

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