Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I miss you

^ Blink 182

Do you feel the seventies? It's time for flower power.

Alright so I've given into summer and floaty dresses. Actually I don't like this dress (worn as a a skirt) but I wanted something long and thin and I think and hope the denim shirt takes away some of the annoying tackiness. Actually, I love tacky, but it has to be the right sort of tacky.

Anyway, I'm wearing a dress from River Island, boater hat from Claire's, handmade leather shoes from a Rio street market, and a denim shirt from Topshop. I absolutely love this shirt - I think it's my favourite item of clothing. It's perfect - loose, long, light but thick enough, goes with everything and so soft. I could live in it.

Eugh, so much revision and coursework that I really should be doing. A demain. :)

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