Sunday, 6 June 2010

This is what happiness means to me

^ Amy MacDonald

Good thing it rained overnight, more heat may have driven me crazy. I want it to be autumn becuase I have loads of jackets I want to wear and it's too hot to wear them! Whenever it's winter I want to wear thin, light stuff and in summer I want to wear heavy jackets and long sleeves. I should just be in charge of the weather, it would be so much simpler.

Wearing a vintage shirt with a print that reminds me of Egypt for some reason (no, I haven't been), the softest jeans ever from India (which I really really want to distress), a beautiful ruffle-y leather jacket from Zara and suede heels from Primark. Inspired by water and fountains - print on the shirt and ruffles on the front of the jacket. :)

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