Monday, 16 August 2010

Bits and bobs

I was just (think about) clearing up some of my old-ish photos, the ones when I began to be interested in fashion and photography that is, and also found some pictures I take but don't end up on here. So here they are.

1 and 8 - Wearing C's blazer, black velvet bodycon skirt my mom made, C's shoes and black bunny ears headband I made
2 - Goes with this post and was most likely taken by accident
3 and 9 - Wearing same velvet skirt, lacy tights can't remember where from, mother's old jacket and a white ribbon
4 - Goes with this post
Edit: and this
5 - Goes with this post
6 - No idea what I'm wearing. Some dark dress I presume
7 - Wearing black velvet biker jacket from Urban Outfitters, same velvet skirt (I seem to wear that a lot), black satiny elbow length gloves from Claire's, same bunny ears, mirrored aviators from River Island, plus ripped black tights if I remember correctly (my McQueen mourning outfit). The pictures were experiments with a webcam

I love leaving a couple of nice pictures out and coming back to find them later. It's like leaving a little suprise present for myself. That's my excuse for leaving some pictures of me and my friends in the attic. :)

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