Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Obvious, Child

^ Paul Simon

Today I walked down a road in town that I am sure I have been on before because it is right next to the station and my dad's old office building, but C pointed out this massive curved wall with ivy on it that I had never seen before in my life. I am a rather unobservant person; I tend to get impressions and the big picture instead of the details. But it was so beautiful that we had to take pictures there.

Wearing my mom's trousers from Zara, my mom's sweater, my mom's belt, my sleeveless blouse from River Island, my flats from a shoe shop I found on a wander in some village, my watch (whose strap has been broken for ages but I recently 'repaired' by using an elastic band, and now have to remember to use it again). My mom loves these trousers so I've never worn them before but I figured as she's not in the country, what she doesn't know won't hurt me. And I was the one who liked them then showed them to her because they weren't in my size, so I think I am totally allowed to wear them.

My bag is from Fabindia and it's absolutely gorgeous. It's silk with a big metal decoration and I love it to bits. I've been trying to use it every day since I got it but because it's an unusual shape, it's not very practical. I hate practicality.

I have no idea why there is one random yellow leaf next to my foot. I thought about changing the colour, then decided I liked it. :)

Edit: Just noticed I have this close-up of the blouse I was wearing.

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