Friday, 6 August 2010

Things I want

So I've already started my Christmas list. Yes, I know it's still technically summer. (By the way, Indian Vogue seems to actually do the trends of the season, something which suprised me no end when I opened it and saw *gasp* the spring collections! In England, I'm sure everyone is already planning their autumn wardrobes, 'cause I sure am. But Vogue, do you really think someone in India would buy a massive Chanel fantasy fur jacket? They might get a tad bit warm perhaps?)

1. Maxi dress from H&M - finally found the perfect one! It doesn't make me look short or fat!
2. Chanel-esque jacket from H&M. It's been in the stores for ages but I only just realised that I am in love with it. I hope it's still there when I get back!
3. Swedish Hasbeens. Why is it that everyone has them expect for me? They're all perfect. I love, I NEED.
4. Clogs. Hated them at first, can't stop thinking about them now. You can thank Rumi Neely and Miu Miu for that.. (Hasbeens count but I wouldn't say no to Hasbeens and some other clogs)
5. Bright orange envolope clutch. I'm gonna make it just as soon as I get my hands on some orange suede.
6. Ribbons. They can be used for anything! Good thing I have a collection from when I was younger.
7. Nice trousers - I barely have any trousers that aren't jeans or shorts or leggings!

Ps. I have realised that I do all my best thinking at night. So from now on I'm keeping a notebook by my bed at all times!

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