Thursday, 26 August 2010

Topshop love

My Princess Coat.

I'm not sure if I actually will get an aviator jacket, I haven't found an amazing one that's actually afforadable, plus everyoneeee is talking about them and I don't really want to get something everyone else has.

A little longer, and this coat would a great Victorian dress/cloak/cover-up thing. It is definately growing on me.

K's and I's Hat.

I LOVE fur coats. With that and my obsession with leather, I'm such a bad vegan. But mother said I could get a faux fur coat so I'm a happy bad vegan. Plus I could never wear a real fur coat, I wouldn't be able to touch it.

All Topshop except the white neo-prene dress which is from River Island, tights, DM's, vintage leather brown skirt (mine). Although it may seem that I spend a lot of time in Topshop, I don't actually have a lot from there.

And I just found this picture of me and C. We're DM buddies. :)

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