Sunday, 5 September 2010

Inspiration - FALL FALL FALL

So excited. I started school today (which I am not excited about, especially as I haven't done a whole load of work I was supposed to, oooooooops). Can't wait to wear slouchy knits, thick ribbed socks and tights and big warm (hopefully fake fur) coats! Berry colours, tan, cream, dark green and blue! I can feel it getting colder by the second! Here are some inspirational fall pictures (not mine).

Things that remind me of fall/autumn:
1. Crinkly sounds
2. Red, brown, gold, mushroom colours, berry colours. Pretty obvious and self-explanatory.
3. Conkers. Ditto.
4. 10,000 Maniacs. Looooooooooove their music so much.
5. Santana. Ditto.
6. Bruce Springsteen. Ditto but he can also be summer evening-y, not so much winter-y.
7. Crumble. As in the dessert.
8. Velvet.

Ps. Yes I'm English, yes I say 'fall', no I'm not trying to be American. It's just 'fall' sounds colder and less school-y and it's aclso easier to say 3 times in a row than autumn. 'Autumn' does conjure up lovely pictures of cripy red and gold leaves and sun shining through the chill while conker collecting, but I don't see myself doing too much of that this year with all the exams I have.

Pps. There are way more pictures I want to stick in this post (told you it was insanely long) and I need to credit them, but I can't be bothered to do them now so I'll do it tomorow. Promise.


  1. I had no idea you had a blog !! its pretty good. really you :) and all yr crazy profile pics are starting to make sense now lol. hope u dont mind but i am going to be keeping an eye on this now. keep up the good work :P x

  2. haha, thanks. yeah, I have so many pictures from this that I keep changing my mind about my favourite so I change profile pictures all the time. You're someone I have on fb so I know you.. but who are you?


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