Friday, 15 October 2010

Inspiration - Cirque du freak

Above photos not mine, from various websites.

I've been in a bit of a wierd mood lately. Not uninspired - au contraire, I have been extremely inspired - but more.. inside my own head. So that translates into less actual photo taking and more imagining and dreaming.

Over the years my mother and I have amassed quite a collection of.. unusual clothing. These bright gold metallic leggings are my mom's and she also has them in silver (which I was looking for but couldn't find so wore these instead). But my skintight white lycra catsuit (originally a dance costume, don't ask) beats it hands down. Also wearing my dad's sweater, glitter gold hat I left a party a few years ago with and L's really old and beat up Converse which I looooove so I stole from her locker. Don't worry, she's aware of this and not too bothered. And I wrote my favourite quote on my arm which is becoming a Friday morning French lesson ritual; 'Those who cherish [a beautiful vision,] a lofty ideal in their hearts will one day realise it'. :)

Ps. And the painting is one I did about 5 years ago. Now I feel old. And it's a camel just in case you can't tell.

Pps. Thank you so much to my three new followers! You've made (what's left of) my day!

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  1. Love those all stars. I want a pair soooo bad..
    These pictures are all lovely, you look very cute :)


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