Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tramps like us, baby we were born to run

^Bruce Springsteen

In love with this jacket. I've had it for absolutely years and at the weekend decided to chop off the sleeves, fray them and paint a bird on the back. Now obsessed with birds, especially birds beating their wings about to land and eagles. Especially eagles about to land.

Also wearing a Santana top from the concert (too big and I've been living in it since I got it), leather gloves from Topshop, lots of assorted bracelets and neckalces and a velvet skirt my mom made. Talking of velvet - also obsessed and we have loooads in the house so expect a whole load of velvet stuff (but not this weekend because I am sooo busy).

Seriously obsessed. (Pictures below from Google.) :)


  1. Awesome jacket! Kind of reminds me of the one Vyvyan wears in 'The Young Ones' :)

  2. Hahah your so hardcore! Love you style! Amazing jacket,
    Thanks for you comment, I've just done a new post =) But thanks again, you very sweet! Panda xo


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