Monday, 1 November 2010


Work avoidance + good lighting + camera with wide angle lens + new hairstyle + new jewellery = this.

Wearing a random grey top that I found (it's probably my mom's) and now really love because it's so soffffft, skirt from H&M, heart necklace, mini glass bottles (I think they're meant for a dolls house) hooked onto a random earring and cherub pendant both from Hobbycraft. Made the bottles charm at some ridiculous time last night (I have 4 more of these, oh the possibilities!) as well as hacking the logo off my old school blazer. Now it only says 'HIGH SCHOOL' and I'm debating whether to take that off too, leave it or write something in front/after it.

I'm also trying out a new hairstyle. I got the idea when I was drying my hair, swooshed it to the side and happened to look in the mirror. I quite like it. It reminds me of when my hair was long (my hair used to be down to practically my butt) because if it was long and straight I'd put it on one side to imitate my then favourite Sims 2 hairstyle. Oh and if you can see what looks like a grey/silver streak in my hair, it's a wing pendant that I clipped in and tried to photograph but didn't work. Another day.

I used to collect Sylvanian Families so I'm off to see if there're any little acessories I can use to make more jewellery. Miniture anythings are sooo cute! :)


  1. Love the new hairstyle and the necklace is so beautiful!

  2. the necklace looks amazing.
    I know it's a pretty useless comment but I have to say it anyway: You have amazing eyes. they're so big!


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