Monday, 27 December 2010

Should have gone to Berkley

Gawd, taking these photos was embarassing. We have a tripod but it's old and kinda broken so I am not putting my darling new camera on it. Which means I needed someone to take these photos and my dad volunteered but it was so embarassinggg and I looked stupid in every single photo. For my birthday (if not sooner) I am asking for a new tripod and a remote control.

Anyway, this a top I got for Christmas that my dad got while he was in NY. C loves tiedye at the moment and I have to admit, it's getting to me too. I feel like such a flower child wearing it. I really wanted to wear it with jodphurs but I don't have any and these green jeggings from Topshop are the closest I have, worn with braces from a random shop. I've resolved to get some jodphurs ASAP - they're a cross between leggings and trousers in wierd colours with knee patches; what's not to love? On a related note, I can't believe I only have one pair of patterned leggings! This needs to be rectified immediately. :)

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  1. Dad as photographer....weird. poor you. I hope you'll get a tripod soon ^^

    ps: a remote control is a wonderful, wonderful thing!

    love, kimi


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