Sunday, 19 December 2010

So here it is

School's over, finally! Perfectly aware of the awfulness of these photos - only the ones of me though. I wonder if that says something? I'm counting down the days to Christmas, not daring to even entertain the possibility of not recieving a new camera. (If I don't, my life will be shattered.)

Wearing a dress from Topshop, lace blouse from the Clothes Show Live last year and socks from Topshop. And in the top picture, some random (but actually very nice - they look like snow) brown and white tights, coat from Miss Selfridge and DM's. We have snow again, wooop. :)

Ps. Will reply to comments and yada later. I need to catch up on reading so many blogs!!

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  1. lovely pics.
    Gosh I'm kinda obsessed with your blog. One post is better than the other ^^

    love, kimi


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