Thursday, 30 December 2010

Things I want

Awful as I know it is, wanting things right after Christmas, I do. If it makes you feel better (it makes me feel a bit better), these are things I wanted for Christmas but couldn't/didn't get.

1. Jodphurs. Recently I saw a bunch in a vintage shop and decided to try some on for the hell of it. Now I can't stop thinking about them. Possibly due to Coury.
2. Knitted waistcoat. I'm going to ask my grandma if she can knit one for me. I don't know why I really want one; I don't remember seeing an inspiring photograph of anyone wearing one, which is where many of my obsessions come from...
3. Metal cuff. I can and do make a lot of jewellery but unfortunately what I can't do is mould or carve solid or sheet metal, wood etc. I saw some beautiful handmade metal cuffs at the Christmas markets, but held off on getting one. I regret it.
4. Full length wide leg floaty trousers/culottes. Because I love my cullottes and my maxi skirt and I would love to combine them. The Topshop website seems to have a nice collection but I need to try them on.
5. Skull/bones/claws/teeth/rock jewellery. As soon as I get some time to look some up.
6. Patterned leggings. Because I get bored with plainess.
7. Knitted leggings. Ditto.
8. RED Leather leggings/trousers. Isabel Marant inspiration + H&M. Sandra has them. Enough said.
9. Hair dye. Buuut the 'rents won't let me.

Hope this posts, I'm still not too good with the whole future post queue thing... :)

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