Monday, 7 February 2011

Pretty little things

Can you tell I'm preparing for spring? Y'know, with the colours and all? No? ...Well I'm feeling industrial-but warm, with a bix of retro-total-glamour and turkish-greek-cafe-on-a-sunny-cobled-street thrown in. And a random autumn (or warm-coloured-spring since autumn is now over) owl. While the above pictures have a lot of grey, it's warm grey and that makes all the difference.

Lip ring from Primark, pointy ring from Afflecks, cross from men's necklace from (I think) Primark, watchface from M&S (I think) watch, metal skeleton from earring from Claire's, everything else made or found and stuck together by me. The 6th and 7th photos are of stuff that I will probably make into necklaces/rings etc but haven't got round to yet. I like my jewellery to evolve: I make something, then a couple of weeks later I will get bored and take it apart to make smoething else, or add something to it, or wear it a completely different way, eg. a ring on a necklace or in my hair. I think of jewellery (and by extension clothes too, but they're harder) as wearable, changeable art.

And two more charm bracelets I madea couple of weeks ago (top for L, bottom for myself). It gets pretty boring making such a simple thing over and over again. Variety is the spice of life. :)

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  1. aww i love the lip ring,so cool
    and i spy some sorta hamster or isit bear in the charm bracelet. so cute .
    Followed u already xx:)


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