Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Clear as copper

I made this necklace a few weeks ago from random stuff for my current art project (very stressed about it at the moment). Everyone keeps asking me what it's made of; broken bus shelter glass, with the edges covered with glue and wire and painted copper. I'm not sure why it shatters this way but it's beautiful and only the edges are a bit sharp. FYI, I don't go round picking broken glass off the street, my teacher did and gave it to me since I was working with shattered glass anyway (although I have kept my eyes peeled ever since). This discovery, and what I've been working on for art ("structures" - making cars, bikes and roads out of computer and electrical bits, wire, glass, metal, glue etc) has inspired me to make a bunch of jewellery which I'll be creating and posting in the next couple of weeks.

Wearing a leopard dress (although I've grown since the age of 11 so it's now more of a top) made by mom, her cardigan, vintage leather skirt, Topshop earrings with attached feather and self-made rings (so obsessed with copper colour; so over silver) and necklace. And no shoes because it is now officially warm enough to do so and still feel my feet. :)


  1. i believe thats a new header right?
    its nicer :)
    love the outfit, theres an ethnic feel


  2. Love that necklace and the leather skirt!


  3. That necklace is gorgeous, I'm obsessed with your glass stuff! x


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