Friday, 13 May 2011


What a relief to have Blogger back again. I never knew I was so addicted.

I believe photographs are memories and that's why I always have a camera on me. I might be a bit annoying, constantly sticking a camera in your face and capturing the unflattering poses but in 10 years, we'll have forgotten the little moments and will spend hours laughing at old photographs of ourselves.

The earrings I made..

..and the dress they were made to match.

I'm a vampire. No seriously, I kind of hate the sun. And I'm sparkly. :)


  1. I definitely agree about photos being the stuff of memories. These earrings are amazing! And they're a perfect match for the dress.

  2. I love the first photo. your lips are to die for. the "I'm sparkling"-scene was one of the most ridiculous film scenes ever. I had to laugh for hours. You defnitely can join the vampire club. you're a monster! you're sparkling!

    love, kimi


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