Sunday, 8 May 2011

Inspiration - Saint sailboat

I'm so obsessed with putting together a wardrobe for next year (I'll have to dress quite conservatively which is just my sort of challenge. Watch out - I'll be the wierd one), I can't decide what I want to wear right now. And printed pants have overtaken my heart. I blame this photo of the perfect look taken by Hanneli Mustaparta, my current style icon. I also want her hair.

Loose like pjyamas or more fitted (but straight not skinny) I want them. I'm seriously considering buying men's pyjamas to wear outside the house. I'm also trying to retrain myself on the palazzo pant front. :)

Ps. Yeah, I will get round to updating Oh L'Inspiration at some point soon-ish.

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  1. Men's pyjamas - absolutely - but they have to be silk so you can also lounge around on a sofa looking elegant. I too am looking for the perfect pair of trousers (pants) or palazzo pants but just can't find anything I like that is also long enough.


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