Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bang Bang

^ Dalida

On what is probably the hottest day of the year (so far at least), I wake up feeling like a vampire. Hence the completely lack of summery-ness and an almost complete covering of skin (I still feel the same way about tanning/sun as I did last year).

Wearing an H&M jacket, Topshop snake print leggings, random leotard and Rocketdog shoes which absolutely killed my feet. I often want to wear this jacket but can't decide what to wear with it to not look prissy. But today I decided I was going to wear this leotard, discovered these leggings in a drawer, then threw on the first jacket to hand which was this one, and found it all went very well. :)

Ps. My hair looks different in every photo and I don't know what it looks like in real life. I think the closest to its colour is the second photo.

Pps. Sorry about the awful quality photos, I forgot to use the right lens. Then I managed to get sun flare which messed up the colours and just annoyed me.


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