Sunday, 19 June 2011


Wearing jeans and a kurta from India, Zara boots, Topshop belt, gifted cuff, L's necklace (which I am obsessed with and no religious connotations please), and scarf I've had for years. Felt ectremely light and this kurta was the first pastel thing I saw. I'm also having cravings for mint green since I have a lovely soft fleece blanket but, as of yet, I have no clothes in that shade. :)

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  1. those boots are from zara? I was just about to say 'Oh what kind of lovely vintage boots'. Well anyway they're quite cool. okay you got me I'm horribly understating at this point. What I actually wanted to say is that they're damn gorgeous and I want to have them. If you'll ever feel fed up with them you can hand them to me (your size doesn't matter, I'd make them fit no matter what it costs)
    got the message?

    love, kimi

    PS: still in love with your amazing blog. keep on going


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