Friday, 5 August 2011

Diamond Dogs

Ah it's so bad that I want a better camera already. What I really want is a clone so I can actually see when I take photos of myself. And to be able to control the lighting.

Anyway, this is my new favourite necklace, made by myself. It did collapse a bit in the oven but it's supposed to be a diamond shape. I'm also frantically cutting away at some plastic stuff to make lots of transparent triangle earrings (which I am wearing but you can't see).

Worn with a River Island top and Primark jacket because I am in a very very clear, white, spacey mood. :)


  1. that's the issue with transparency, difficult to see ;) maybe tint them silver or gold or something? XX

  2. Hahaha no it's not because they're transparent, it's because my hair's in the way! I like them clear :D


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