Saturday, 13 August 2011

Patterns in the wild

Didn't even realise I was wearing all pastels today until I went out to take photos.

Wearing a lace top from Gozo, bag from Bangkok, jeggings from H&M, boots from Topshop and self-made necklace (I think I'm going to take off the feather because it's very annoying).

How fab are my new boots? They replace my much loved and abused leopard flats and, even better, they have a scalloped edge! I think I have a thing about boots because I always wear them. I adore this bag that my dad got me ages ago but I rarely use it because the handle seems quite delicate and also I generally have way too much stuff to cart around. :)

Ps. This could so be an ad for that bag.

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  1. LOVE your title and this outfit!


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