Sunday, 28 August 2011

Rosy cheeks

Sunset gives a beautiful light to photos but because the sky is changing colour so rapidly, photos taken over a few minutes can look vastly different and be a pain to edit similarly.

Wearing Topshop shorts, Urban Outfitters jumper, Zara top, mom's belt (need to find a similar one - it's very well loved!), random tights, self-made jewellery, assorted wristbands, L's bangles and two matching kiddie scrunchies. Oh and neon orange may be my favourtie nail colour ever... I'm going to experiment with more neons.

At the moment I'm trying to only wear short, tight, or otherwise school-innapropriate clothes in a bid to try get it all out of my system before I'm forced to conform (and I freeze because I will yet again choose to ignore the winter weather). Kind of difficult when I'm only thinking about how to appropriate-ize my wardrobe. But at least it's nearly September, when it will be officially my favourite clothes season. Can't wait. :)

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