Saturday, 10 September 2011


Apologies for the really boring photos, I'm shattered and really stressed - it's only been about 3 days but I've already got short deadlines for art projects and the school fashion show which I'm involved in. And it started to rain just as I'd set the tripod up.

A school outfit, with about the shortest skirt I think I can get away with, *sigh*. It's actually knee-length when worn not incredibly high but that is just the length that I think looks the very worst on me. Wearing a very old skirt (I know, how long must it used to have been?!), dad's old jumper, friend's bracelets, DIY feather earring but you can't see it properly, Cos socks (my new favourite socks), Topshop boots and a satchel from Afflecks. Which is sadly too small to close when I put all my shiz in it, but hey that's the price I pay for a beautiful bag. Also, I got a lot of compliments on the skirt which I found a little odd since it's a :)

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