Monday, 26 September 2011


Neither leggings nor denim jackets (although I got away with 3 in the two weeks) are allowed in school so I have to get my illegal fixes at the weekends. Went out on a moody walk and found a postbox (loving its wonkiness) which is just after telephone boxes and buses on the red scale of Britishness so obviously I had to take photos by it.

Wearing Topshop leggings, random tshirt (again, banned), vintage jacket, DM's and Asos scarf. I bought this scarf at the start of summer and love it so much I even took it to Gozo...where there was 37 degree weather. :)


  1. Seriously? Do you wear uniforms in school? We can wear whatever we want in school (honestly, whatever...) Nice outfit, btw. Love that British postbox :P
    I already follow you :) Sorry it took me so long to reply but I'm still on vacation (with no internet, so sad!).
    Have a spectacular day,


  2. i looooove your scarf so much, its really pretty ^^


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