Friday, 10 August 2012

London 2012




vintage denim jacket
tour hockey shirt
gifted England flag fake nails
self-made flags

This past week I've been at the Olympics! While I thought I had zilch national pride and/or pep, I discovered I have a smidge. Enough to see some swimming and, wait for it, 8 hockey matches. Yep, 8. Gotta admit, the Olympics in my home country is kind of awesome, onceyou leave too-cool-for-you London and get into the park itself. Pictures of the sports will follow in a few days. :)

Ps. I was born in America, if you didn't know and were wondering about the flag. I also made an Indian flag but didn't get a good picture of it (I'm wearing it in the previous post but you can't see it very well).

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