Friday, 12 April 2013

Amsterdam in April









me at the I amsterdam sign - wearing R's coat and platform converse
one of the many many pretty canals
biking in Vondelpark - vintage shirt and denim jacket
- ripped Topshop jeans and boots
- necklace from Madrid and top from Amsterdam
- self-made badge
graffitti and R
more canals and bikes bikes everywhaaar
dinosaur temporary tattoos from the Natural History Museum

Ok so it's definitely become a tradition to go to Amsterdam for/around my birthday. This time I went with V and R (pictured), two of my best friends and it was amazing exploring a beautiful city that I feel familiar with but still have so much to discover. Shockingly, it was the first time I'd rented a bike there - if you ever go, do it! The city is fun to explore on foot and tram but it's an incredible feeling whizzing down a cobbled road next to a canal in the spring sunshine, laughing your head off because you don't know the road rules! Also, this trip was a unlikely exercise in layering (these photos are deceptive), double denim and multiple outfit changes per day. I never knew it was possible to wear so many clothes at once. :)

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  1. thanks for the lovely comment! i use a nikon 35mm lens :D

    these pictures are so great! looks like you had an awesome time, i've never been there before and i definitely want to go there now that ive seen these pictures


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