Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Gatsby (the Great)




vintage jacket
sunflower top from Van Gogh museum
American Apparel disco pants
Urban Outfitters shoes
H&M bag
self-made earrings  

Because I'm a complete idiot, I managed to break my beautiful lens. I should get it back within two weeks but the sadness and guilt is not exactly motivating me to blog... Anyway, today I'm going to see The Great Gatsby, which I have been looking forward to for months since Baz Luhrmann is the best director ever. My thought process was "the costumes are going to be so fabulous I'll feel underdressed, so better wear something glitzy". :)

Ps. I don't know why this didn't post yesterday like it was supposed to, sorry.


  1. I really love reading your blog, it really baffles me how you don't have that many followers, i really love your style, its so interesting and creative!
    La Luna Blog
    Elle x

  2. sick style hun! i want to see gatsby! xx

  3. The jacket it soooo gatsby haahahah You're gonna rock the look on the cinema girl!


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