Monday, 27 May 2013

I want candy








diamante chandelier earrings from Rusholme
orange and black horn earrings (minus large jewels) from Asos 
mother's sweater
orange flower and leaf earrings made by me
gold sun earrings from Topshop
silver and green earrings and matching necklace from Rusholme
I'm wearing orange lipstick, Topshop nail varnish,
 H&M necklace and father's top
green and transparent triangle earrings made by me
peach crop top (actually a sari blouse) from India

I spent the other day tweaking my jewellery collection and realised that dark green/khaki with orange/bright peach is my favourite colour combination at the moment, espcially when with metallics. It's also the colours I'll be wearing to prom in just over a month (hint hint). So spring-like but with just enough darkness to not be twee. :)

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