Monday, 6 May 2013

Lala Land's 10 piece spring/summer essentials guide

While I surive my last few days of containment, here's a list I put together inspired by Madeline Pendleton

1. Short dungarees/denim playsuit. Images - Natalie Off Duty, via Tumblr

2. Crop tops, preferably jersey and 90’s looking. My favourites styles are rollneck and sleevless (but with wide shoulders like a tshirt). Images - via Tumblr

 3. Matching crop top and skirt/shorts set. And/or matching blazer and shorts/skirt set. Definitely printed. Images - Illustrated people top and skirt via Asos, Natalie Off Duty, Freak of Nature top and skirt via Asos

4. Flatforms, preferably a pair in white and a pair in black. One of them being strappy sandals. Images - platform Converse and Doc Marten sandals via Tumblr

5. Easy jumpsuit, preferably black or with a calm print. Image - Topshop jumpsuit via ChicMuse

6. Short-sleeve blouse, preferably salmon pink, light khaki, pale blue etc. Images - via Topshop, Asos, Topshop

7. Short hair. Mine's currently a few inches below shoulder level but I'm tempted to do more snipping. Images - via Tumblr, Jason Lee Parry

8. Men's tshirts. Of favourite bands, with favourite/hilarious/generally ironc slogans, with dinosaurs. To chop the sleeves off, to cut into crop tops, to keep oversized and baggy to tuck in; whatever as long as they're soft (and DO NOT have cap sleeves, my pet hate). Images - Jason Lee Parry, Stevie Dance by Oracle Fox

9. Head/hair accessories. That means scrunchies, hats, novelty clips, you name it. Images - Girl With The Flower, via Tumblr

10. Patterned scarves. To use as normal scarves, headscarves to keep your hair up, shawls, something to sit on, something to sneakily blindfold a friend with etc. Image - Fashiontoast

And one for luck. (Ok, because I counted wrong.)
11. Surrealism. Yeah. Anything a bit weird, and especially anything a bit trippy. Images - via Topshop, via Tumblr, my own wearing Asos sunglasses

Feel free to ignore all that's written above (I probably would if I was reading this on someone else's blog); your style is your own. :)

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