Monday, 15 July 2013

At the Copa-Copacabana

 ^ Barry Manilow





dress from Malaysia
mother's cardigan
H&M bag
gifted earrings
Office boots

Sometimes I like to mix it up and take photos in the dark, well ok, this is more twilight. I'm amazed at the quality of my lens in the dark, 1/6 was the slowest shutter speed it needed! Also I don't wear this dress as much as I should because it's surprisingly hard to pair with other clothes and also everytime I wear it, at least one person tells me it's a nightie. I bought it as a dress so I'm gonna wear it as a dress ok. :)

Ps. I'm in Barcelona with my friends at the moment, living the backpacker lifestyle which means no internet, no computers/smartphones, and not even a real camera (feel my heart breaking) so I've scheduled posts and won't be replying to comments until I'm back.

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