Wednesday, 3 July 2013









vintage skirt reworked by my mom
Asos crop top, gold cuffs and earrings
Primark shoes
necklace from a store in Rusholme
bag from India

So this is my prom "dress", actually a fancy skirt with a jersey crop top. I'm very picky about dresses (don't like strapless, thin straps, cap sleeves etc etc etc) so I started looking through vintage shops in London for more interesting cuts and patterns. The first dress I fell in love with was a patterned cream fifties dress with long sleeves and a boatneck but the hem fell right on my knee, a length I don't like (like I said, picky) so that was a no. The next time I went to the same shop though, I saw a beautiful patterned maxi dress and had no second thoughts. This skirt had a black velvet long-sleeved top half but it didn't fit me brilliantly and had a v-neck (read: picky) so I made the executive decision to chop the top and skirt apart and wear the skirt with a this top. I'm more of a separates gal anyway. But then my mom decided she didn't like the pleats so completely redid them herself, adding in the gold waistband. :)

Ps. Sorry about the unimaginative post titles as of late. I'm running on little sleep and a jet-lagged schedule.

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