Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Interlude - Inspiration trickles

I only post inspiration pictures after I've already been inspired by that particular theme for a while - if I can't get it out of my head for a few days, I'll still be feeling it in the next few weeks. But I've noticed that it can take quite a long time for that inspiration to filter down to my more unplanned "easy" looks. For example, it was maybe a year or two ago that I was super inspired by everything grungy but it wasn't until earlier this year that I realised that my go-to down-time look consisted of grey, plaid and old denim. I think what I'm trying to say is that sometimes I deliberately try to channel a theme I'm inspired by and sometimes, after a while I just do it without realising, but that no-one can tell which case it is by just looking at me, which is an interesting thought. But at the moment, I'm deliberately trying to dress like the photos in my latest inspiration post because what is personal style if not having fun dressing up and testing yourself?

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