Monday, 28 October 2013

Open arms for broken hearts

^ Elbow





Urban Outfitters sweater
Cheap Monday denim skirt
a completely random mix of gifted makeup

A Sunday morning drinking tea and learning makeup techniques, inspired by my dance teacher's daughter who did my makeup for a dance show the other day. I've been facepainting a lot in the last few days (practising for Halloween, duh) so I figured it was a good time to finally nail this whole smoky eye thing. And blusher. I know for some people, this is something they do every day/weekend but for me it's a huge revelation (and way too much effort to do regularly). I also changed my nose ring to a gold one, as per mother's insistence, but it's substantially bigger and a LOT shinier than my original one so it's taking some getting used to! :)


  1. you did it - nailing the smokey eye. It looks stunning! the first photograph is pretty much perfect/my mood today (cozy knits and drinking tea - that's an actual mood in my reality)

  2. p.s. hands down my new favourite blog/best find in months ~~~


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