Monday, 25 November 2013

The Chain

ˆFleetwood Mac






self-made head chain
Asos (mens) scarf
vintage suede jacket from Australia
mother's cardigan
Topshop skirt

The light in this courtyard high above the city is always perfect. One day I'll get that lovely purple that spreads during sunset. I've been very into headwear lately so when I saw a head chain on Asos, I "pft"-ed, reached for my pliers and stash of chains and ten minutes later I had this. It's not obvious on the photos but there's also a chain on top of my parting (which explains why the clasp at the front is not centred; my parting isn't centred). Not only does this head chain make me feel like a badass goddess, it has the added advantage of holding by hair down, thereby keeping my ears toasty and annoying wisps of hair out of my face. :)

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