Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Victim of mass production

^The Cribs







jeans from India
American Apparel top
Miss Selfridge fake leather jacket
vintage plaid shirt
Office cut-out boots

I used to only wear these jeans in the house, because they're stretchy and soft and don't make the backs of your knees sore after you've sat cross-legged for a while, but also because I went through a phase of thinking they weren't "flattering". But the whole idea of "flattering" clothes is just a socially-acceptable way of body-shaming. Something is truly flattering if it makes the person wearing it look and feel fab, and that could be any style of clothing, depending on their taste and mood. I don't want people to tell me that these shape jeans don't "flatter" my "body shape" or whatever. The only reason I shouldn't wear these jeans is if I alone decide that I do not want to. I admit, straight-cut jeans are not something I wear often, but after a hankering for a pair of clean-cut, yet soft and graceful jeans, I ripped open the knees of these and haven't looked back since. Basically, this was all just a really long way of saying, "hey I ripped the knees of some jeans and now I love them". :)

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  1. Your outfit looks really cool esp. the jeans! I've tried ripping my denim but I always rip too much :(
    Totally agree with the body-shaming/ personality-shaming aspect of judging a person's choice of attire x


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