Friday, 10 January 2014







old blazer decorated with various patches and badges (some made by me)
H&M dress
Asos tights
Cheap Monday boots
River Island bag

I feel I'm dressed like a combination of kindergartener and kindergarten teacher today, and I am A-ok with that. The baby pink tights with the patent shoes give off an obvious (yet totally adorable) child vibe, even if they are wicked cool points instead of mary janes. I actually saw a child on the train the other day with glittery silver tights and I was incredibly jealous. Yes, she may have been in the region of 5 years old but she was rocking that leg-wear. Also I believe this is my first posting of this blazer since its reincarnation. It used to look like this until I got bored of deer and inspired by Phiney Pet so off I went collecting patches and badges on my travels. Note the kangaroo (Sydney), the Washington memorial (where do you think?), the snarling panther (Amsterdam) and the Isabella Blow badges (London). And have I mentioned that everything I want to wear these days is pink? I didn't know I owned so much pink. :)

Ps. This is one of my favourite outfits in a long time!

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